TB in Moldova

by: Florian Bachmeier

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, situated between Romania and Ukraine. A functioning and adequate tuberculosis control can only be financed through massive economic support with the aid of WHO as well as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). Tuberculosis is the disease most associated with poverty, this holds true not only for countries, but most of all for individual patients suffering from tuberculosis.

People of Maidan

by: Jacob Balzani Lööv

"I like those people. I like them because they are just screaming loud to be listened, while they have been systematically un-listened for three months. I went to Maidan with an armor and a old steel helmet, as many other journalists, and I felt ridiculous.

Life of Alois Beyer

by: Florian Bachmeier

Alois came to Gmund, a bavarian village in the south of Munich in 1946 as expellee from Sudetenland, today Czech Republic, together with his family. They lived, mother, father, Alois and his five brothers, in one room in the first floor of a farm house. His father soon died, invalid after a working accident reconstructing the Cologne Cathedral after the war. Few months later, his mother followed. The brothers went working out, leaving the narrow space and the oppressive ambiance very soon.


by: Ramin Mazur, Florian Bachmeier

Four weeks passed since President of Ukraine Yanukovich change the course from Europe integration to Customs Union.

Moments of silence

by: John Donica

John Donica is working on his new project called "Moments of silence".

"It will be a feature documentary film. The main purpose of this film is to depict the rural mood and simplicity of rural people. I'll travel through different villages from Moldova, meet interesting people, find specific rural landscape."

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